Summer 2012 Villas Calendar

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Summer 2012 Calendar for The Fort Myers Villas

Fort Myers Villas Events

Saturday morning Softball - 10 AM 

 at the Villas Civic Hall. 

CAP Meetings Every Monday - The Civil Air Patrol is meeting at the Villas Civic Hall each Monday evening at 7 PM.  If you would like more information or are interested in joining, please call.

For Info on any calendar event call Lana Vail at 936-5603

Other Events in South Fort Myers

For information on the Alliance for the Arts events go to 

For information on the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery events go to

If you have information on other events in our area that you think would be of benefit to your Fort Myers Villas neighbors, please call or email me at 239-275-6985 and I will try to add them to this site.