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The History of the Fort Myers Villas

History of the Villas

The Fort Myers Villas Education, Literary and Charitable Institution, Inc., otherwise known as the Fort Myers Villas Civic Association, was incorporated in June 1961.  Home construction began in 1957 and a small group of concerned residents first organized as a garden club.  The group eventually incorporated forming the Civic Association we still have today.

A 2/1/2 acre parcel and the Villas Civic Association building were sold to the Corporation in 1961 for $10 as a gift from the developer Foster Pate.  Over the years, with no funding from federal, state or county government, many unselfish volunteers have contributed to the numerous achievements found throughout our community.

The Villas Community Center is located at 2306 Sunrise Boulevard.  The park is abundant with exotic trees and plants from around the world.  Florida flora and native wild life are also available for observation and enjoyment while strolling the walking path  encircling the property or simply having a  picnic  under the trees.  The Association also is responsible for the entrance sign on  Woodland Boulevard, as well as the beautification and maintenance of the median strip along  Woodland. The Civic Association is the voice that represents over 1500 homes in the Fort Myers Villas and surrounding areas.  

The primary function is to maintain the wonderful neighborhood we call home and to organize enjoyable events for the residents.  It also plays an important role by promoting community pride and increasing neighborhood property value.

Regular activities include  bingo, spaghetti, potluck, and  volunteer appreciation dinners, annual Christmas party and bonfire, Easter egg hunt, various fund raising events  including an annual golf tournament and  informational general meetings that are usually held  the third Thursday of the month from September to May.As a unified voice, the Villas Civic Association was instrumental in preventing the widening of Woodland Boulevard, increasing  the number of sidewalks and street lights, and directing the path of the 10 mile Linear Park in our area so that it will have a positive effect on our community.  The Association also sponsored the monthly clean up of Crystal Drive, set up an  effective “Neighborhood Watch” program and provided Code Enforcement information to all residents.  The history of the Villas is being written by all of us.  Working together we can continue to bring about changes that will improve the quality of life in our community.    

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This article was originally written by Lana Vail as Membership Chairperson of the Villas Civic Association in 2003.  A debt of gratitude goes to Marge Blakeslee,  for information that she had carefully preserved as The Fort Myers Villas Civic Association Historian.

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